How do you use Facebook?

by Scott on October 7, 2009

Facebook is one of those very interesting sites. It originally started out as a college students attempt to connect with fellow students. Originally if you didn’t have an edu email address, you couldn’t even sign up for the service. Oh how things have changed.

Now that the founders are out of college, they have realized that the concept (connecting with other people) extends far beyond college and university life. Not only that but the MONEY really starts to hit when you get outside of that. Facebook pretty much dominates the conversation when people talk about sites that connect people but does it really accomplish its purpose?

Google Wave is a new product that is being introduced (I have read just enough about it to have a vague idea what it is) that is supposed to change how we connect with people. Twitter generates a ton of tweets and allows a stream of consciousness that the other sites try to emulate. The question I have – Do we really need that kind of constant contact?

As human beings, we often suffer from distraction which these products provide in abundance. Is life really so much better today than it was say 50 years ago? Computers have done so much to change the face of the world. But have the succeeded in changing the way we interact with each other? Do we need another piece of code to allow us to interact? I know that the software and tools allow us to expand beyond our local area, but do they really allow us to connect?

How do you use Facebook? Do you use it as a bulletin board to keep your friends posted on whats going on? A photo sharing site? A place to meet cool new people? To communicate with others? Does it serve as a way to deepen your connection with your close friends or a way to simple create many more surface deep acquaintances?

Do you think technology can interfere with our ability to connect as human beings? Or can we use it to create the opportunity for wider ranging associations? Your thoughts?



by Scott on August 15, 2009

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